Members of Burial Committee:

Councillor Hicklin - Chair
Councillor Carpenter - Vice Chair
Councillor Dunnicliff
Councillor Sharp
Councillor Stockill


Melbourne Cemetery, Packhorse 
Road. Photograph by Andrew Jackson.

Melbourne Cemetery,
Packhorse Road.

The Packhorse Road Cemetery is owned and maintained by the Melbourne Parish Council, whose mission is to provide a respectful and dignified environment for the interment and remembrance of the people who lived in the Parish of Melbourne. Visitors to the Cemetery are welcomed and asked to respect and share the pride taken in its appearance and maintenance.

Robert Holman, Sexton.
Photograph by Andrew Jackson.

In 2002, Melbourne came second in the Best Cemetery Competition in the whole of the UK and Ireland. Melbourne Parish Council is responsible for maintenance of the grounds and Garden of Remembrance, burials, interments, and the erection of memorials. A Safety Check has been undertaken on headstones and memorials as part of an ongoing Health and Safety procedure.

In 2014, a photograph of Melbourne Cemetery, taken by Andrew Jackson, was highly commended by the Institute of Cemeteries and Crematorium Management (ICCM). The photograph was displayed in the ICCM magazine and at their AGM and Annual Dinner. The condition of the Cemetery was also commended and the Sexton, Robert Holman, collected a certificate at the ICCM AGM.

Pictured left is the Village Sexton, Robert Holman, to whom any enquiries or comments should be addressed. Telephone 07966 461416.

Fees applicable from 01 April 2015 are given below.


The fees, payments and sums set out below apply where the person to be interred, or in respect of whom the right is granted is, or immediately before death was, a parishioner of the Parish of Melbourne or, in the case of a still-born child, where the parents, or one of them, are, or at the time of interment were, parishioners.

In all other cases, the fees relating to headstones and inscriptions shall be double; all other charges will be triple those shown.

PART ONE - Interments

The fees indicated:

  • Include the digging or opening of the grave

  • Apply only where the interment is made between the hours of 9.00 and 16.00 on a weekday, or between the hours of 10.00 and 11.00 on a Saturday, or on the certificate of a Coroner or a registered Medical Practitioner that an immediate interment is necessary.

  • Apply to graves in respect of which an exclusive right of burial has been purchased only when interment is at a depth not exceeding 5 feet 6 inches (165 cm).

For the interment in any grave:

Resident Non resident  
(1) of the body of a still-born child or of a child whose age did not exceed one month (burial to take place in a grave selected by the council). If otherwise, the charges to be the same as those of a child under the age of 17 years No Charge No Charge
(2) of the body of a person whose age at the time of death did not exceed 17 years No Charge No Charge
(3) of the body of a person whose age at time of death exceeded 17 years 378 1135
For interment (other than cremated remains in a vault) 398 1193
For the interment of cremated remains in a grave or vault   56 166
For the right to scatter cremated remains in the Garden of Remembrance   56 166
For the right to bury cremated remains in a half plot   56 166

PART TWO - Purchase of exclusive rights of burial in earthen graves

Resident Non resident
For the exclusive right of burial for 100 years, in earthen grave 6 feet by 3 feet (210 x 90 cm) 408 1224
For the exclusive right of burial for 100 years of cremated remains in an earthen grave 3' 6" by 3 feet (105 x 90 cms) 296 889
For the exclusive right of burial for 100 years of cremated remains in the half plot area of the burial ground 202 606

PART THREE - Walled Graves and Vaults

Resident Non resident
For the right to construct, and for the exclusive right of burial for 100 years in a walled grave or vault 7 feet by 3 feet (240 x 90 cms) 621 1863
The fees indicated for the various heads of Parts Two and Three include the Deed of Grant and all expenses thereof.

PART FOUR - Monuments, Gravestones, Tablets & Monumental Inscriptions

For the right to erect or place on a grave or vault:

Resident Non resident
A headstone, tablet or other monument not exceeding 3' 6" in height, 3' 0" in width, and 1' 6" in depth. (105 x 90 x 45 cms)  130 260
A vase (where there is no other memorial)
There shall be no charge for a vase which is deemed part of a memorial
 130 260
For the right to affix an approved plaque to the wall surrounding the garden of remembrance 154 308
The fees in this Part Four include the first inscription.
For each inscription after the first, the fees are as follows:

Where there has been an interment  130 260
Where there has not been an interment 154 308
PLEASE NOTE: The design of memorials and inscriptions is subject to the approval of the council, and may be provided only in respect of graves where the exclusive right of burial has been purchased.

PART FIVE - Searches and copies

Fees for searches of register books and for each certified copy  15

The above fees replace all previous fees.

The Old Burial Ground

The medieval burial ground in Castle Street is maintained by Melbourne Parish Council. It closed in 1860 and contains a large number of attractive slate headstones, carved principally by the Dunnicliff family.

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