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Planning & Strategy 


Burial Committee

The Packhorse Road Cemetery is owned and maintained by the Melbourne Parish Council, whose mission is to provide a respectful and dignified environment for the interment and remembrance of the people who lived in the Parish of Melbourne. Visitors to the Cemetery are welcomed and asked to respect and share the pride taken in its appearance and maintenance.

In 2002, Melbourne came second in the Best Cemetery Competition in the whole of the UK and Ireland. Melbourne Parish Council is responsible for maintenance of the grounds and Garden of Remembrance, burials, interments, and the erection of memorials. A Safety Check has been undertaken on headstones and memorials as part of an ongoing Health and Safety procedure.

In 2014, a photograph of Melbourne Cemetery, taken by Andrew Jackson, was highly commended by the Institute of Cemeteries and Crematorium Management (ICCM). The photograph was displayed in the ICCM magazine and at their AGM and Annual Dinner. The condition of the Cemetery was also commended and the Sexton, Robert Holman, collected a certificate at the ICCM AGM.Pictured left is the Village Sexton, Robert Holman, to whom any enquiries or comments should be addressed. Telephone 07966 461416.

Members of Committee:

Councillor Hicklin - Chair –
Councillor Dunnicliff –
Councillor Sharp –
Councillor Summerlin –
Councillor Usher –

Burial Costs 2017


Highways Committee

Melbourne Parish Council Highways Committee REPORTS highway repair and maintenance requirements to Derbyshire County Council Highways Department and street lighting faults to Derbyshire County Council Lighting Department. The Parish Council does not undertake the repairs.

Members of the public are encouraged to report potholes and street lighting faults by telephone directly to DCC on 08456 058058. In the case of faulty lamps, the number at eye level on the lamp post is always required.

Christmas lights in the centre of Melbourne and small street lighting schemes are provided by Melbourne Parish Council.

Members of Committee:

Councillor Smith - Chairman –
Councillor Carroll - Vice Chair – 
Councillor Earp –
Councillor Parker –
Councillor Sharp –
Councillor Summerlin –


Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee of Melbourne Parish Council is involved in the management of the various assets/provision of facilities in Melbourne as follows:

Lothian Gardens
Thomas Cook Gardens
Market Place Bus Shelter
Summer Sports Activities
Mowing contracts
Public Toilets

The Lothian Gardens - Normal Opening Times: Summer 8am-8pm and Winter 8am-dusk.

Melbourne Parish Council has full responsibility for the maintenance of the award winning Lothian Gardens, which incorporate play areas for children of different age groups. We are pleased to inform you that new play equipment has been installed in the Toddler Area.

The Lothian Gardens were created as a Millennium Project on land donated to the Melbourne Millennium Trust by Lord and Lady Ralph Kerr and The Melbourne Trust. Over £120,000 was raised from local people and businesses, together with charitable donations. Approximately half of the money came from the Derbyshire Environmental Trust under the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme. The whole project was managed by Groundwork Erewash Valley.

Members of the Committee

Councillor Jackson - Chairman –
Councillor Earp - Vice Chair –
Councillor Hicklin (as Chair of the Burial Committee) –
Councillor Sharp –
Councillor Smith –
Councillor Nigel Collyer –


Planning & Strategy Committee

Councillors on the Planning & Strategy Committee comment and recommend on local plans to South Derbyshire District Council planning authority and consider the strategic direction of Melbourne Parish Council.

Members of Committee:

Chair of Melbourne Parish Council –
Vice Chair of Melbourne Parish Council –
Councillor Carroll - Chair
Councillor Dunnicliff - Vice Chair –
Councillor Earp –
Councillor Gates –

Finance, Risk Management & HR Committee

Councillors on the Finance, Risk Management & HR Committee monitor the finances, undertake the Human Resources provision re staff and oversee and manage the various risks that Melbourne Parish Council currently has or may have.

Planning & Strategy Committee and Finance, Risk Management & HR Committee meetings are held in the Melbourne Assembly Rooms, High Street, DE73 8GJ.

Members of Committee:

Councillor Sharp - Chair –
Councillor Hicklin - Vice Chair –
Councillor Jackson –
Councillor Smith –
Councillor Collyer

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