Monday, 9 December 2019

Car Park Update for Melbourne
SDDC Order for repainting has been placed with their contractor and work is expected to be carried out w/c 9-12-19 or 16-12-19. SDDC will make contact with Andy Heafield to agree date & time and will be on site with contractor to ensure white lines give maximum efficiency in car park. They are happy to mark out a place for the Melbourne Community care Bus.
SDDC Car Park
Phase 1
On same date as above works an extra 20 car parking spaces will be marked out as 3hr car parking bays in the car park behind the Melbourne Inn. These will be the central block (2 x rows of 10) that are at the top end of the Car park adjacent to the current 5 x 3hr car parking spaces.
SDDC Enforcement of 3hr parking spaces will follow thereafter.
Further phases
To follow on;
Possible relocation of recycling facilities to another site in Melbourne to create extra spaces
Possible change in rules regarding unlimited parking to ensure that there can be no “airport parking” or “round the clock” car parking including possible introduction of cameras with ANPR for enforcement.
Possible introduction of height barrier to prevent unauthorised us by larger vehicles.