Wednesday, 1 April 2020

SDD & CVS distribution of food parcels

Today sees the start of the co-operation between SDDC and CVS in the distribution of food parcels to those most in need across the district. At this point it seems they have all the volunteers and SDDC employees they need but I will receive notice if they need more help in our area.

The priority group will be those identified by the NHS as requiring shielding because of medical issues; CVS also have lists of those in food poverty, the vulnerable and others needing special help which will become the next level of priorities.

The Swadlincote Leisure Centre will be the hub of distribution (abiding by all necessary precautions) and some private businesses have agreed to support the normal CVS (meals on wheels) delivery drivers.

If you know of anyone that needs help and they are not already supported by CVS you can send their details to CVS using the contact page on their website at

In other news Swadlincote market will stay in operation but only the food stalls - all necessary social distancing practices will be in place.