Monday, 27 April 2020

Tribute to Cllr Andrew Jackson

It is with deep regret that Melbourne Parish Council has announced the death of one of its long serving Councillors, Andrew Jackson, who died from a brain tumour in the early hours of this morning, at the age of 76.

Andrew was born, raised and lived in Kings Newton.  He was very much part of the Melbourne tradition of market gardening and was widely credited as an innovator behind one of Melbourne's largest market gardening firms, employing scores of local people. He was one of the founders of our village newspaper, The Village Voice, which has become the foundation of our Village information system.  Andrew’s passion was to serve the community and he worked hard for the benefit of all within our community, he was proud to be a Melbourne resident and served on the Parish Council for 37 years in many roles including Chairman of the council in 1989/90 and again in 2000/2002, and as committee Chairman for many years.  Most recently, he was the chief promoter of the hugely successful 100 year World War 1 remembrance beacon.  For his long service and dedication to the community he was awarded the Freeman of the Parish in 2019.

Those who knew Andrew are aware that he took a very active role in all the organisations that he has been involved with, always a force for change.  He was a voluntary driver for Community Care and was often seen driving the minibus around the village.  He was an early advocate of a plan to create much-needed new sports facilities in our village, and became one of the founder members, representing the Parish Council on the Melbourne Sporting Partnership board. In addition, Andrew was one of the founder members of The Melbourne Town Band, playing the baritone at many events locally and regionally, he was a member of The Melbourne Male Voice Choir and of Achoired Taste – he loved to sing.  He was a founder member and trustee of Kings Newton Bowls Club and the considerable time and effort he gave to the establishing of the Club has contributed to its ongoing success.  Andrew was also a member of the Round Table.

Andrew was a modest man who did not seek recognition or reward and through his ingrained love of Melbourne and Kings Newton, which was matched with a deep sense of civic duty, he has left the parish with many legacies.  He leaves two sisters and many friends.  Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this difficult time.  We will sorely miss his contribution, his energy and dogged determination that anything is achievable.

Sheila Hicklin
Melbourne Parish Council