Sunday, 5 July 2020

NHS Thank you

Over the last few months, the NHS has delivered its services differently following the lockdown and in response to the demands of the global pandemic.  The NHS could not have achieved this without the commitment and skills of its staff and every week this community has shown their appreciation for the NHS and key workers by turning out on the weekly claps.
As we say thank you to the NHS and key workers and take the chance to recognise all the work which has taken place, it is also important not to forget the devastating toll of Covid19 and for us to remember the lives of those lost during this terrible virus; to pause and reflect on everything this community has endured, to mourn our losses and to thank those who risked and continue to risk so much to keep us safe.  It is also a thank you to the neighbours who did the shopping, for all who looked out for one another as we all came to grips with the new way of living,  it is for the generousity of people and businesses and to people who took action to stay at home to stop the infection spreading – everyone played their part.

So, we are pleased to join with the community and the nation at 5pm this evening to give the biggest Thank You NHS clap.